Private coaching

Transform your brand, make more impact, and do it on your terms. 

Transformational business coaching for women entrepreneurs who are ready to spark their brilliance, embody their brand, nourish their business, and claim their vision.

real talk:

You Aren’t Here to Play Small

You also aren’t here to live in overwhelm, overthinking, or frustration.

When we claim our stories, actively rewrite them, and get into alignment with our values, we can BE a different type of business owner, parent, partner, and community leader.
Origin simply means returning to the place where something began. I truly believe that creating a thriving business is an inside job. Every business is a reflection of the business owner, which means the more you come home to yourself and remember who you are, the more expansion you can create in the world. It all starts with you.

The core of this methodology is a recognition that those in leadership are better leaders, business owners, parents, and business owners when we come back home to ourselves.
In a noisy world, the only way to truly disrupt and stand out is to stop looking elsewhere and return to our inner knowing, opinions, and light.


Now that you have a solid foundation, we move into the stage of visibility, value-add, and vision. 

This is the phase of brand, offer, or business conception, clarity, and confidence. 

In this phase, we focus on brand and marketing implementation, your new identity, and the impact you're here to make. 

Your business and life won't be able to run well without focusing on the people, processes, and perception phase. 

i can help because i've been there

I know what it feels like to be in constant overwhelm... 

But, once I figured out that I needed to follow certain steps, the Origin Stories method was born and everything changed. 

Attracting money was easy. More time, more freedom, more joy. 
As a transformational messaging strategist and certified business coach, I’m here to help you create a business on your terms. Coaching isn’t a weekly check-in - it’s a strategic way to align with your next level so you can write the next chapter of your entrepreneurial journey.

We get to write our stories and I’m here to help you craft one you love.

Here's how it works... 


Choose Your Level of Support 

Watch Your Business Transform 

This is the most intimate way to work with me.
One-on-one coaching spots will open in June. 

Not sure if you're ready for high-level support yet?
Start with an Origin Stories Spark Session where we can dive into your business, offers, and marketing in a laser coaching session designed to get you actionable results. 

Book a Spark Session 

How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:


Feel confident in your offers, business structure, and next steps. 


Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.


Increase your cash-flow and create more expansion in your home and your business. 


Know the exact steps to take at the right time to get real results. 


Watch your income and your impact skyrocket without the hustle. 

Yes, It Really Works

Myra tripled her revenue

"You gave me brand confidence and a story to live into. You helped me think like a business owner and gave me a framework to follow. You helped me evolve my story and give me a way to talk through my process so I could charge what I needed to in an easy way."  

Ashley started getting 20 qualified leads a day on her website 

"Amy's copywriting is magic. I went from a few leads a week to 15-20 ideal client leads a DAY after working with her. Before I started working with Amy, I wasn't sure if my business was going to be sustainable but after just a few calls and a new copy refresh, I've tripled my revenue. Best advice I can give? Hire Amy." 

Origin Stories
Coaching is
for you if... are ready to stop the hustle and create more expansion with ease. want to grow your brand with proven frameworks and support. are tired of feeling stuck and want to try a better way. feels exhausting to do this work alone and you’re ready for intimate support.

...You want to work with a coach who has done it her way and has the receipts to prove it. 


Come for the business tips, stay for the fun.