Hi there! I’m Amy, a transformational business coach.

And I love nothing more than to help women entrepreneurs claim their origin stories, create impact, and expand their income.  


I realized I had bought into the lie that I had to do life/business/motherhood the way everyone else was doing it. 

Maybe you've bought into that lie too? You're building a business but it feels like it's taking over every part of your life. You see the gurus online boasting about freedom and money, but you're not seeing results. You want more time to do what matters but you're swimming in to-dos. You know there is a better way. 

And you're right. 

For the past seven years, I've experimented with what it means to build a business around sacred seasons in my life. From my kitchen table with a baby on my lap, I launched a 7-figure marketing agency that has served hundreds of clients around the world. 
Creating a multi-million dollar business just comes down to moving through four important phases and if you're frustrated by lackluster marketing results or tired of creating a business that doesn't feel aligned, then you're in the right spot. 

Business gets to be easeful. 

I'll show you how. 


Amy Schutte is a transformational business coach and brand strategist. She founded her marketing and brand agency, Hudson & Co., in 2017 after a career in journalism and brand management for international brands. 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and creator of the Origin Stories Method, and host of the Business Origin Stories podcast. Schutte has helped create and launch million dollar brands and campaigns in both the United States and abroad. Her writing has been consistently featured in national and local publications.

Amy has been married for 12-years to her husband Ryan. They have two brown-eyed little boys who love to kayak, camp, and run wild in Idaho. 


Come for the business tips, stay for the fun.